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Throwaway girls, by Andrea Contos

Throwaway girls, by Andrea Contos
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Throwaway girls
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by Andrea Contos
"When her best friend Madison mysteriously disappears, Caroline feels compelled to get involved in the investigation. She has her own reasons not to trust the police, and she owes Madison - big time. Suddenly Caroline realizes how little she knew of what her friend was up to. Caroline has some uncomfortable secrets about the hours before Madison disappeared, but they're nothing compared to the secrets Madison has been hiding. Why do all paths seem to lead back to their teacher, Mr. McCormack? It's only when Caroline discovers other missing girls that she begins to close in on the truth. Unlike Madison, the other girls are from the wrong side of the tracks. Unlike Madison's, their disappearances haven't received much attention. Infuriated, Caroline is determined to find out what happened to them and why no one seems to notice. But as every new discovery leads Caroline closer to the connection between these girls and Madison, she faces an unsettling truth. There's only one common denominator between the disappearances: Caroline herself. Within the context of a fast-paced thriller, the book raises important and timely questions about class differences and the way those differences are reflected in law enforcement. "--, Provided by publisher
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