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A German generation, an experiential history of the twentieth century, Thomas A. Kohut

A German generation, an experiential history of the twentieth century, Thomas A. Kohut
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non fiction
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A German generation
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Thomas A. Kohut
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New directions in narrative history
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an experiential history of the twentieth century
"Germans of the generation born just before the outbreak of World War I lived through a tumultuous and dramatic century. This book tells the story of their lives and, in so doing, offers a new history of twentieth-century Germany, as experienced and made by ordinary human beings. On the basis of sixty-two oral-history interviews, this book shows how this generation was shaped psychologically by a series of historically engendered losses over the course of the century. In response, this generation turned to the collective to repair the losses it had suffered, most fatefully to the community of the "Volk" during the Third Reich, a racial collective to which this generation was passionately committed and which was at the heart of National Socialism and its popular appeal"--Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
GERMANY DURING WORLD WAR I & THE WEIMAR REPUBLIC -- 1.Interviews: Youth -- 2.Analysis: Finding the Collective in the Youth Movement "Group" -- 3.Essays -- The Experience of War, Revolution, Disorder, and Inflation -- Gemeinschaft, Gesellschaft & the Collective -- Sexuality, Identity & Equality in the Youth Movement -- Youth Movement & National Socialism -- GERMANY DURING THE THIRD REICH AND WORLD WAR II -- 4.Interviews: Young Adulthood -- 5.Analysis: Extending the Collective in the Community of the Volk -- 6.Essays -- The Popularity of National Socialism and the Volksgemeinschaft with Younger Germans -- National Socialism & Women -- National Socialism and Modernization -- The Experiential and Racial Reality of the Volksgemeinschaft -- "Looking Away" from Jews in Nazi Germany -- German Knowledge of the "Final Solution" before 1945 -- German Anti-Semitism during the Third Reich -- National Socialist Terror and the Germans -- Men and Women during the War and in Its Aftermath -- POSTWAR GERMANY -- 7.Interviews: Maturity -- 8.Analysis: Resurrecting the Collective in the Generational "Circle" -- 9.Essays -- Men, Women, and the Reassertion of the Family in Postwar Germany -- The Mitscherlichs' "The Inability to Mourn" -- The National Socialist Past in West German Families
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