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WWI, the complete story., Discs 3 & 4

WWI, the complete story., Discs 3 & 4
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Originally broadcast on television 1964-1965
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the complete story.
It began as a regional conflict and escalated into a war of Empires that covered the Earth. World War I The Complete Story, is a comprehensive look at The War to End All Wars . Produced by CBS television in the early 1960s in anticipation of the 50th anniversary of the onset of World War I, this unflinching 26 episode series is more than just the history of this global conflict; it is also a photo album of the early twentieth century. From the political intrigues that led nations to war to Armistice day more than four years later, you'll meet the men and machines that fought the war and witness every major battle and event of this global struggle. No other collection offers such a complete overview of one of history's most destructive conflicts. Special Bonus Disc: Century of Warfare : A History of the United States at War in the 20th Century, including WWII, Korea, Vietnam and Desert Storm. B & W and Color
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V. 1. The war begins. Summer at Sarajevo ; Clash of the generals ; Doomed dynasties ; Atrocity 1914 ; They sank the Lusitania ; Verdun, the inferno ; Battle of Jutland ; The trenches ; D-Day at Gallipoli ; Extra features: great events before the war ; 1910 King Edward the VII dies ; 1911 The South Pole is conquered ; 1912 The Titanic disaster ; 1913 The Panama CanalV. 2. The loss of innocence. America the neutral ; Wilson and war ; Revolution in red ; The year of lost illusions ; Behind the German lines ; Over there ; Over here ; Daredevils and dogfighters ; The promised lands ; Extra feature: up from the trenchesV. 3. The tide of war turns. The agony of Caporetto ; Tipperary & all that jazz ; The tide turns ; The Battle of the Argonne ; The day the guns stopped firing ; Wilson and peace ; The allies in Russia ; Heritage of war ; Extra features: post war great events ; 1920 Prohibition ; 1920 Suffrage ; 1921 The Irish free state ; 1922 Mussolini takes over
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Complete storyWorld War One, the complete story