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Hotel Vendôme, a novel, Danielle Steel

Hotel Vendôme, a novel, Danielle Steel
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Hotel Vendôme
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Danielle Steel
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a novel
After his wife leaves him for another man, Hugues Martin's life revolves solely around two things--the celebrated five-star hotel he owns and manages in New York City and his daughter Heloise. At four, Heloise becomes the only woman in her father's life; by seven, she is the undisputed queen of the Hotel Vendôme. And as the years pass, despite her mother's abandonment, she basks in her father's love, the devotion of the hotel's staff, and the affection of its guests. But their little world is transformed forever when Heloise moves to France for hotel school and Hugues meets his match in Natalie Peterson, a woman who understands him and his love for the Vendôme. Is there room in their lives for Natalie, or will her intrusion ruin their special bond? A novel about second chances and learning to trust again, Hotel Vendôme is Danielle Steel at her best