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Mary Chesnut's diary, Mary Boykin Chesnut ; introduction by Catherine Clinton

Mary Chesnut's diary, Mary Boykin Chesnut ; introduction by Catherine Clinton
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non fiction
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Mary Chesnut's diary
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Mary Boykin Chesnut ; introduction by Catherine Clinton
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Penguin classics
"A Diary from Dixie first published in the United States of America by D. Appleton and Company, 1905. This edition with an introduction by Catherine Clinton published in Penguin Books 2011"--T.p. verso
Table Of Contents
Introduction / by Catherine Clinton -- Suggestions for further reading -- A note on the text -- Mary Chesnut's diary. Charleston, S.C., November 8, 1860-December 27, 1860. The news of Lincoln's election -- Raising the Palmetto flag -- The author's husband resigns as United States senator -- The Ordinance of Secession -- Anderson takes possession of Fort Sumter -- Montgomery, Ala., February 19, 1861-March 11, 1861. Making the Confederate Constitution -- Robert Toombs -- Anecdote of General Scott -- Lincoln's trip through Baltimore -- Howell Cobb and Benjamin H. Hill -- Hoisting the Confederate flag -- Mrs. Lincoln's economy in the White House -- Hopes for peace -- Despondent talk with anti-secession leaders -- The South unprepared -- Fort Sumter -- Charleston, S.C., March 26, 1861-April 15, 1861. A soft-hearted slave-owner -- Social gaiety in the midst of war talk -- Beauregard as hero and a demigod -- The first shot of the war -- Anderson refuses to capitulate -- The bombardment of Fort Sumter as seen from the housetops -- War steamers arrive in Charleston harbor -- "Bull Run" Russell -- Demeanor of the negroes -- Camden, S.C., April 20, 1861-April 22, 1861. After Sumter was taken -- the jeunesse dorée -- The story of Beaufort Watts -- Maria Whitaker's twins -- The inconsistencies of life -- Montgomery, Ala., April 27, 1861-May 20, 1861. Baltimore in a blaze -- Anderson's account of the surrender of Fort Sumter -- A talk with Alexander H. Stephens -- Reports from Washington -- An unexpected reception -- Southern leaders take hopeless views of the future -- Planning war measures -- Removal of the capital -- Charleston, S.C., May 25, 1861-June 24, 1861. Waiting for a battle in Virginia -- Ellsworth at Alexandria -- Big Bethel -- Moving forward to the battleground -- Mr. Petigru against secession -- Mr. Chesnut goes to the front -- Russell's letters to the London Times -- Richmond, Va., June 27, 1861-July 4, 1861. Arrival at the new capital -- Criticism of Jefferson Davis -- Solders everywhere -- Mrs. Davis's drawing-room -- A day at the Champ de Mars -- The armies assembling for Bull Run -- Col. L.Q.C. Lamar -- Fauquier White Sulphur Springs, Va., July 6, 1861-July 11, 1861. Cars crowded with soldiers -- A Yankee spy -- Anecdotes of Lincoln -- Gaiety in social life -- Listening for guns -- A horse for Beauregard -- Richmond, Va., July 13, 1861-September 2, 1861. General Lee and Joe Johnston -- The Battle of Bull Run -- Colonel Bartow's death -- Rejoicing and funerals -- Anecdotes of the battle -- An interview with Robert E. Lee -- Treatment of prisoners -- Toombs thrown from his horse -- Criticism of the administration -- Paying the soldiers -- Suspected women searched -- Mason and Slidell -- Camden, S.C., September 9, 1861-September 19, 1861. The author's sister Kate Williams -- Old Colonel Chesnut -- Roanoke Island surrenders -- Up Country and Low Country -- Family silver to be taken for war expenses -- Mary McDuffie Hampton -- The Merrimac and the Monitor -- Columbia, S.C., February 20, 1862-July 21, 1862. Dissensions among Southern leaders -- Uncle Tom's Cabin -- Conscription begins -- Abuse of Jefferson Davis -- The battle of Shiloh -- Beauregard flanked at Nashville -- Old Colonel Chesnut again -- New Orleans lost -- The battle of Williamsburg -- Dinners, teas, and breakfasts -- Wade Hampton at home wounded -- Battle of the Chickahominy -- Albert Sidney Johnston's death -- Richmond in sore straits -- A wedding and its tragic ending -- Malvern Hill -- Recognition of the Confederacy in Europe -- Flat Rock, N.C., August 1, 1862-August 8, 1862. A mountain summer resort -- George Cuthbert -- A disappointed cavalier -- Antietam and Chancellorsville -- General Chesnut's work for the army -- Portland, Ala., July 8, 1863-July 30, 1863. A journey from Columbia to southern Alabama -- The surrender of Vicksburg -- A terrible night in the swamp on a riverside -- A good pair of shoes -- The author at her mother's home -- Anecdotes of negroes -- A Federal cynic -- Richmond, Va., August 10, 1863-September 7, 1863. General Hood