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Habitats, discover Earth's precious wild places, lead author Derek Harvey

Habitats, discover Earth's precious wild places, lead author Derek Harvey
index present
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non fiction
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lead author Derek Harvey
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discover Earth's precious wild places
"Take a journey through Earth's most amazing ecosystems, from icy seas and tropical rainforests to arid deserts and hostile mountains. Dive beneath the sunlit surface of the Coral Sea to find a reef bursting with life, or travel through the African Savanna to see powerful predators roaming the land. And as you go, discover how animals and plants adapt to their environment and each other."--, Page 4 of cover
Table Of Contents
Green lands. Boreal forest -- Temperate broadleaf forests -- Temperate corniferous forests -- Mediterranean-type shrublands -- Tropical rainforests -- Tropical dry forests -- Tropical corniferous forests -- Temperate grasslands -- Tropical grasslands -- Worlds apart. Islands -- Subantarctic lands -- Alpine heights -- Flowing fresh water -- Lakes and pools -- Underground habitats -- Freshwater wetlands -- Facing extremes. Plar lands -- Deserts -- Dry shrublands -- Salt lakes -- Mangroves and salt marshes -- Rocky shores -- Sandy and muddy shores -- The Big Blue. Kelp forests and seagrass beds -- Coral reefs -- Coastal seas -- Open ocean -- Ocean floor -- Artificial habitats. Field and pasture -- Towns and cities -- Protected areas. Green lands -- Worlds apart -- Facing extremes -- The Big Blue
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