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Be afraid, be very afraid, the book of scary urban legends, [collected by] Jan Harold Brunvand

Be afraid, be very afraid, the book of scary urban legends, [collected by] Jan Harold Brunvand
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non fiction
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Be afraid, be very afraid
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[collected by] Jan Harold Brunvand
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the book of scary urban legends
Table Of Contents
1. Precursors: Frightful stories. "The rat-dog"-- "The ghost in search of (spiritual) help" -- "The ghost in search of (medical) help" -- "The vanishing lady" -- "The foreign hotel" -- "The corpse in the car" -- "The graveyard wager" -- "Room for one more" -- "The poisoned dress" -- "Embalmed alive" -- "A pretty girl in the road" -- "The vanishing hitchhiker" -- "Girl at the underpass" 2. Chills up your spine. "Bloody Mary" -- "The babysitter and the man upstairs" -- "The hook" -- "Severed fingers" -- "The boyfriend's death" -- "The killer in the backseat" -- "The hairy-armed hitchhiker" -- "The slasher under the car" -- Dangerous pranks and fatal initiations -- "The fatal fraternity initiation" -- "The mock execution" -- "The cadaver's hand" -- "The pickled arm" -- "Joke turns into horror story" -- "The roommate's death" -- "The curse of 9/11" 3. If a body meets a body: "The creepy passenger" -- "Origin of Packenham's rum" -- "A mix-up in the mail" -- "The face is familiar" -- "The lost wreck" -- "The death car" -- "The body on the car" -- "Off with their heads" -- "The body in the bed" -- "The stuffed baby" -- "The white dress" 4. Along came a spider ... or a snake, or a rat: "The spider in the hairdo" -- "The spider bite" -- "Quit bugging me" -- "Spiders in cacti" -- "Snakes alive!" -- "Snakes in dry goods" -- "The creeping comforter" -- "The snake in the strawberry patch" -- "Der rattenhund" (The rat-dog) 5. Poor baby: "Harried babysitters" -- "The baby-roast" -- "Baby's stuck at home alone" -- "Inept mothers" -- "Attempted abductions" -- "Mutilated little boys" -- "The hammered child" -- "Pencils as deadly weapons"6. Accidents: "Caught in the couplers" -- "The crushed soldier" -- "Welded contact lenses" -- "Exploding butane lighters" -- "Lawn-mower accidents" -- "Up a tree" -- "Boil on troubled waters" 7. Criminal intent: "The choking Doberman" -- "The robber who was hurt" -- "Cut-off fingers & hands" -- "Campus murder scares" : 1988 outbreak : 1991 outbreak -- "Lights out!" -- "Indecent exposures" -- "Gag me with a siphon" -- "Urban pancake" -- "Dangerous ATM's" 8. Thoroughly modern horrors: "Drug horror stories" -- "Bufo abuse" -- "Curses! Broiled again! (and again, and again)" -- "AIDs Mary" -- "Kidney heists" -- "The gay roommate" -- "Fast-food horrors" -- "The Kentucky fried rat" -- "Kentucky fried rat in South Africa" -- "Rats in the pizza" -- "Hold the mozzarella" -- "Hold the mayo" -- "Hold everything" -- "Ghostly videotape" 9. Chiller e-mails & other scary netlore: "Killers in cars" -- "Needle attacks" -- "Perfume attacks" -- "More dangers at malls" -- "Icky envelopes" -- "Mutant chickens" -- "Spunkball" -- "Saved by a cell phone" -- "A cry for help."