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Freedom now!, forgotten photographs of the civil rights struggle, Martin A. Berger

Freedom now!, forgotten photographs of the civil rights struggle, Martin A. Berger
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 156-159) and index
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non fiction
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Freedom now!
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Martin A. Berger
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forgotten photographs of the civil rights struggle
"The best-known images of the civil rights struggle show black Americans as nonthreatening victims of white aggression. Though this imagery helped garner the sympathy of liberal whites in the North for the plight of blacks, it did so by preserving a picture of whites as powerful and blacks as hapless victims. Freedom Now! showcases photographs rarely seen in the mainstream media, which depict the power wielded by black men, women and children in remaking U.S. society through their activism."--Art, Design & Architecture Museum website"Freedom Now! reveals that we have inherited a photographic canon--and a picture of history--shaped by whites' comfort with unthreatening images of victimized blacks. And it illustrates how and why particular people, events, and issues have been edited out of the photographic story we tell about our past. By considering the different values promoted in the forgotten photographs, readers will gain an understanding of African Americans' role in rewriting U.S. history and the high stakes involved in selecting images with which to narrate our collective past."--Page 4 of cover
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Director's foreword -- Introduction: The case for a new canon -- The photographs -- Selected photographer biographies
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