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Stalin's war, a new history of World War II, Sean McMeekin

Stalin's war, a new history of World War II, Sean McMeekin
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 673-812) and index
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non fiction
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Stalin's war
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Sean McMeekin
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a new history of World War II
"Drawing on ambitious new research in European and U.S. archives, Stalin's War revolutionizes our understanding of World War II by moving its epicenter to the east. Hitler's genocidal ambition may have helped unleash Armageddon, but as McMeekin shows, the war that emerged in Europe in August 1939 was the one Stalin wanted, not Hitler. So, too, was the Pacific war of 1941-1945 the direct result of Stalin's maneuverings, which he orchestrated to unleash the furies of war between capitalist powers Japan and the U.S. This groundbreaking reassessment of the Second World War elucidates Stalin's conquest of most of Eurasia, from Berlin to Beijing, for Communism"--, Provided by publisher
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Introduction: Whose war? -- Prologue: May 5, 1941 -- I: Before the storm : the main currents of Soviet foreign policy, 1917-1938. World revolution ; Stalin makes his mark ; Strategic coup in Washington ; Behind the Popular Front -- II: "Huge and hateful": The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Courting Hitler ; Gangster pact, Part I: Poland ; Gangster pact, Part II: Finland ; Maximum danger: Finland, Baku, and the Katyn Massacre ; Stalin strikes: The Baltic, Bessarabia, and Bukovina ; Showdown at the Danube delta ; Summit in Berlin: The four-power pact? -- III: Preparing for Armageddon. Mobilizing the proletariat ; The battle for Belgrade ; Operation Snow: Stalin secures his eastern flank ; To the brink ; Hitler smashes Stalin's war machine ; Terror at the Front--and in the rear ; War for aluminum ; On the ropes -- IV: Capitalist lifeline. Lifting the moral embargo ; The hinge of fate: December 1941 ; Capitalist rope ; Just-in-time delivery: Lend-Lease and Stalingrad -- V: Second front. Keeping Stalin happy: unconditional surrender and Katyn ; Stopping citadel: the second front? ; Operation Tito ; Teheran and Cairo ; Second Front -- VI: Plunder. Warsaw ; Soviet high tide in Washington: the Morgenthau Plan ; Moscow and Yalta: unfinest hour of the Anglo-Americans ; Booty ; Red Star over Asia: the final wages of Lend-Lease -- Epilogue: Stalin's slave empire and the price of victory
New history of World War II
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