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Remember me, Tracie Peterson

Remember me, Tracie Peterson
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Remember me
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Tracie Peterson
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Pictures of the heart, 1
"Haunted by heartbreak and betrayal, Addie Bryant escapes her terrible circumstances with the hope she can forever hide her past and with the belief she will never have the future she's always dreamed of. When she's reunited with her lost love, Addie must decide whether to run or to face her wounds to embrace her life, her future, and her hope in God"--, Provided by publisher1902. Addie Bryant's beau, Isaac Hanson, left the Yukon, and she made a vow to wait for him. When her father dies, Addie is sold to a brothel owner, and forced to marry him. She manages to escape with the hope that she can hid her past-- and the belief that she will never have the future she's dreamed of. Years later Addie is a photographer, training Camera Girls to operate and sell the Brownie camera. Reunited with Isaac in Seattle, Addie is afraid to expose him to the ugliness of her former life. When her past catches up with her, will she run-- or embrace her life and her hope in God? -- adapted from back cover

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