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Organizing victory, the war conferences, 1941-45, Andrew Rawson

Organizing victory, the war conferences, 1941-45, Andrew Rawson
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Organizing victory
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Andrew Rawson
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the war conferences, 1941-45
Between December 1941 and August 1945, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Prime Minister Winston S. Churchill, and sometimes Joseph Stalin, met several times to discuss strategy with their Chiefs of Staff. This book shows how the Allies planned World War II, covering everything from the troop deployments and offensives to the locating of post-war boundaries and surrender terms
Table Of Contents
The Arcadia Conference, 23 December 1941-14 January 1942 -- Second Washington Conference: 19-25 June 1942 -- The Symbol Conference, 15-23 January 1943 -- The Trident Conference: 12-25 May 1943 -- The Quadrant Conference: 12-24 August 1943 -- The Sextant Conference Part I: 22-26 November 1943 -- The Eureka Conference: 28 November-1 December 1943 -- The Sextant Conference Part II: 2-7 December [1943] -- The Octagon Conference: 12-16 September 1944 -- The Argonaut Conference: 4-11 February 1945 -- The Terminal Conference: 16 July-2 August 1945