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The girls I've been, Tess Sharpe

The girls I've been, Tess Sharpe
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Ages 14 up, G.P. Putnam's SonsGrades 10-12, G.P. Putnam's Sons
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The girls I've been
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Tess Sharpe
When seventeen-year-old Nora O'Malley, the daughter of a con artist, is taken hostage in a bank heist, every secret she is keeping close begins to unravelNora O'Malley's been a lot of girls. As the daughter of a con artist who targets criminal men, she grew up as her mother's protégé. But when her mom fell for the mark instead of conning him, Nora pulled the ultimate con: escape. For five years, Nora's been playing at normal. But she needs to dust off the skills she ditched, because she has three problems: #1: Her ex walked in on her with her girlfriend. Even though they're all friends, Wes didn't know about her and Iris. #2: The morning after Wes finds them kissing, they all have to meet to deposit the money from a fundraiser at the bank. It's a nightmare that goes from awkward to deadly, because... #3: Right after they enter bank, two guys start robbing it. The bank robbers may be trouble, but they have no idea who they're really holding hostage..
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Girls I have been